Apparently I make odd faces when I give talks.

About me

I am a professor of philosophy at Rutgers.  I came to Rutgers in the fall of 2018 after spending 11 years at Cornell.  Before that, I was an assistant professor at Princeton as well as a post-doc at the Australian National University in Canberra.  Before THAT, I received my Ph.D. from the University of Michigan under the direction of Steve Yablo, Jim Joyce, Alan Gibbard, and Mark Crimmins.  Let's keep rewinding: I went to Oberlin College, attended a giant public high school in suburban Phoenix, and spent my childhood in the area of rural central Pennsylvania sometimes charmingly called 'Pennsyltucky'.  

I live in Princeton with my husband, poet/critic David Orr, and our headstrong 2nd grade daughter.

For a long time my old website linked to a page about this woman, with a joke about nearby possible worlds.  But a somewhat surprising number of people seemed to think it was really me.  IT IS NOT ME.  It is someone else on the interwebs that shares my name.

Upcoming conferences and whatnot 

In November 2019, I will be Distinguished Philosopher-in-Residence at NYU Abu Dhabi.  In March 2020, I will give the Hagerstrom Lectures in Uppsala, Sweden.  I will also give talks at Pittsburgh and Stanford.