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About me

I am Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Rutgers.  I came to Rutgers in the fall of 2018 after spending 11 years at Cornell.  Before that, I was an assistant professor at Princeton as well as a post-doc at the Australian National University in Canberra.  Before THAT, I received my Ph.D. from the University of Michigan under the direction of Steve Yablo, Jim Joyce, Alan Gibbard, and Mark Crimmins.  Let's keep rewinding: I went to Oberlin College, attended a giant public high school in suburban Phoenix, and spent my childhood in the area of rural central Pennsylvania sometimes charmingly called 'Pennsyltucky'.  

I live in Princeton with my husband, poet/critic David Orr, and our headstrong and imaginative 5th grade daughter, who might grow up to be a writer or a philosopher, but who equally well might grow up to be an assassin. Oh, and two sweet old cats.

Apparently I make odd faces when I give talks.

Upcoming conferences and whatnot 


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