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Work in Progress

In progress | Going underground. 

A paper about the role of general principles in grounding, disguised as a paper about the what-grounds-the-grounding-facts debate.  Unfinished draft available upon request.

In progress | Humean, all too Humean.  

A brief paper in which I unpack four different theses worth calling 'Humean', and argue that two pairs are in tension with each other.  Available upon request.

In progress | Kinds and groups (working title). 

What are kinds?  Not what are natural kinds, but what are kinds, of which natural kinds are themselves a kind?  After all, we are perfectly happy to talk about what kind of novels or cars we like.  I lay out eleven desiderata on a theory of kindhood, and then point out that most of these are also desiderata on a theory of social groups.  I argue that social groups are in fact kinds.   (I have worked on this paper on and off for a while; it may be in pieces when you read this.)

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